by Yara


22 LBS

YaraVita BUD BUILDER WP is a wettable powder combining key nutrients to improve tree and vine productivity. Containing significant amounts of magnesium, boron and zinc this product is ideal for application at hull-split on nut crops and as a post-harvest application for all fruit and nut crops to support carbohydrate production and storage for the following season. As a pre-bloom application it enhances flowering and crop-set.

A wettable powder formulation gives a higher concentration than a liquid meaning lower application rates, less product to handle and store, less packs to recycle. Wettable powders also have a reduced the tendency to cake compared to soluble powders, while also allowing for greater flexibility of nutrient mix in the formulation.

The product is specifically formulated to provide maximum crop safety. This helps to ensure that application will not cause damage to the crop which can reduce its market value.

A controlled particle size gives quick uptake and long lasting effect. This reduces the need for repeat applications saving both time and money.


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