Xtrasun 1000 watt HPS Kit w/ Wing Reflector

by Hydrofarm

      If you’re looking for a quality HPS system at a very affordable price, this Xtrasun kit fits the bill very nicely. It combines the Xtrasun II Aluminum Wing Reflector with our SG 1000W 120V/240V convertible ballast and an Xtrasun 1000W HPS lamp all in one box!

      The Xtrasun II Wing Reflector offers excellent performance at a cost-effective price. It is made with highly reflective aluminum and offers wide and bright light delivery.
      The SG ballast is built to last and features our patented Lock & Seal plug system design that allows electrical contact to happen only when a seal is achieved. As a convertible ballast, it also allows you to operate both HPS and MH lamps.

      The included Xtrasun 1000W HPS lamp’s 2000° Kelvin color temperature consistently provides intense light in the correct spectral range for vigorous flowering growth. 

      Xtrasun II Wing Reflector features: 

      • Highly reflective aluminum
      • Built-in 15' cordset
      • Low price
      • Lightweight
      • Wide and bright light delivery

      SG 1000W Ballast features:

      • Compact design
      • 120/240V dual receptacles
      • Low cost and quality combined
      • Includes 8' 120V power cord
      • Rubber feet protect surfaces

      Xtrasun 1000W HPS lamp features:

      • 2000K color temperature
      • Ideal spectrum for flowering
      • Long-lasting and reliable operation

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