White Royal

by Key Grow Solutions

      White Royal is a vegetative stage base nutrient. Containing three forms of nitrogen (ammonia, urea, and nitrate), we are able to utilize both positively and negatively charged nitrogen ions, creating multiple absorption rates and mobility profiles. Our unique polyamine orthophosphate technology helps protect phosphorous molecules against adverse interaction with metals (calcium, iron, aluminum, etc.) and bicarbonates, feeding clean phosphorous directly into the roots in the only form that is digestible to your plant. Acetate, a natural plant metabolite that also forms a symbiotic relationship between the plant roots and soil microbes / mycorrhizal fungi, serves as the carrier for our potassium. Potassium acetate is more soluble and rapidly available to your plant than other forms of potassium. Acetate has also been known to increase signaling compounds, such as flavonoids and terpenes. Rounding out this formulation is sulfur, an important secondary nutrient during chlorophyll production, and five strains of bacillus grown and produced under pure culture fermentation (a.k.a. plant growth promoting rhizobacteria), which help regulate root zone activity such as pH and nutrient efficiency.

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