White Lightning

by Hydrofarm

      3-5 Day Lead Time

      White Lightning® is a professional grade ultra-concentrated mycorrhizal inoculant containing 9 species of beneficial fungi to promote growth.

      This professional grade mycorrhizal inoculant intentionally does not include other microorganisms, nor does it include bio-stimulants, as the intent of this product is to be a mycorrhizal inoculant only of the highest purity available! The viability, purity and high concentration of White Lightning® ensures the highest degree of potential success.

      White Lightning® provides the following benefits

      • Builds top soil and is essential for sequestering soil carbon
      • Increases crop yields
      • Improves drought tolerance
      • Improves uptake of mineral nutrients
      • Improves food nutrient density
      • Increases Phosphorus uptake, which promotes production of ATP, a high energy molecule
      • Protects roots from damaging nematodes
      • Improves tolerance to environmental stress

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