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Storch Oil is the result of adherence to the Viktor Schauberger maxim, “Comprehend and Copy Nature”. Born of intuition and inspiration, Storch Oil is a blend of living minerals with Menhaden (fish), Neem, & Karanja oils.

It can be used as a defoamer for brewing compost tea, as a leaf wash, or for pest control.

When using Storch Oil to tame the foam in your Vortex Brewer®, notice that it takes only a few drops and a few seconds to affect the entire 10-20 gallons of solution. Many have been amazed…how can such a small amount have such a drastic effect on so much?

Storch Oil can also be used as a dynamic pest control. Neem and Karanja Oils have been used for millennia to fight pests in the garden. Enjoy the power and the purity of the product


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