Sun System® 1000 Watt DE Boss® Comm Fixtures


Sun System® 1000 W DE Boss® Commercial Fixtures combine the patented DE Boss Optic™ with the reliability of Sun System® 1 and the control that comes with Etelligent™. Designed and created in the U.S., the DE Boss® Comm features premium components and superior construction as a result. Sustained, peak performance comes from the advanced 105 kHz microprocessor, which is specifically designed specifically for efficiency in DE lamps. The internal ballast programming provides necessary protection in instances of open circuit, short circuit, over/under voltage or high temperature exposure. Built-in, turbo, green LED lights allow for easy identification of self-diagnostic performance codes.

The DE Boss® Commercial Fixtures provide the following features:

  • Dimmable/selectable wattage
  • Turbo, built-in, green LED lights for easily identification of self-diagnostic performance codes 
  • Protective, low-current, staggered ignition delay, which eliminates circuit inrush overload
  • Optic features UL listed, double-ended sockets
  • A deep, reflective design to maintain lamp heat and optimal operating temperatures
  • 95% reflective textured, aluminum German interior 
  • 98% reflective corner inserts for maximum uniformity, diffusion, and output
  • Galvanized steel optic housing with durable powder-coated finish 


  • Convertible Smart Volt® Dual Ferrite Power Cord (120-240 V, 6.5 feet, 120 and 240 volt plugs)
  •  277 volt ballast (includes a hard-wired 6 foot, 277 V, power cord and L7-15p 277 volt twist lock plug)
  • 480 volt ballast (includes a hard-wired 6 foot power cord and L8-20p 480 volt twist lock plug)
  • Eye bolts
  • 16 ft patch cord

All DE Boss® Commercial Fixtures are compliant with both FCC Article 18 Part A and FCC Article 18 Part B that permit commercial and residential use. All fixtures are tested in an independent US testing lab. 

Includes the new Philips 1,000 watt HPS AGRO Plus DE EL Lamp (delivers 2,120 µmol/s when operated at the 1,000 watt setting, 2,400 µmol/s at 1,150 watt setting). 

Lamp comes with a 1 year warranty.

Download Sun System 1000 Watt DE Boss Commercial Fixture 120 Volt - 240 Volt
Download Sun System 1000 Watt DE Boss Commercial Fixture 277 Volt
Download Sun System 1000 Watt DE Boss Commercial 480 Volt

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