GroLine Storage Solutions HI70300-050 HI70300-023 HI70300G 

Specially formulated for use with Hanna Instruments, this electrode storage solution is designed to prolong the life of pH electrodes.  A healthy probe is cleaned after every use, is never dried out, and is stored at all times in storage solution.  

IMPORTANT: Storage solution is brand specific, meaning that growers must use the same brand of storage solution as the brand of their meter.  Why?  The chemicals inside the glass pH electrode are formulated to extremely high EC/PPM levels and as such those electrodes must be stored in a storage solution that matches the EC/PPM value found inside the glass.  If they are not stored in the correct storage solution the principles of osmosis will prematurely cause the electrode to fail.  

Teach customers why storage solution is so important! If you don't take the time to teach them, you will end up taking the time to process needless returns.  


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