Soul Coco Growing Mix, 1.5 cu ft

by Hydrofarm

      3-5 Day Lead Time

      Grown in southern India and perfected in North America, Soul Coco is a superior bulk coir media that provides the ideal air-to-water ratio to support lush root growth. Can be used as a bulk media ingredient or in hydroponic and soilless applications.

      Ingredients: Coco Fiber

      HOW TO USE: For best results, feed with Soul nutrients. Soul Coco mix should be fertilized more than regular soil to fulfill all your plantsā€™ requirements throughout their lifecycle. If the growth rate ever slows down in the middle of your plantā€™s cycle, use a freshwater leaching or leaching solution to clear out excess nutrients. It is important to maintain a pH of 5.5 - 6.5 so that your plants will be capable of efficiently taking in the maximum quantity of nutrients. If you are using a recirculating system, change reservoirs every seven to ten days.

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