SolisTek Digital Splitter

by Solis-Tek

      3-5 Day Lead Time

      The option to split your 1000W DIGITAL power source is now available with the exclusive SolisTek Digital Splitter.

        1.  Split your 1000W output into 2 x 600W (running slightly less than full capacity, which won't harm your SolisTek Digital lamp)   
        2.  Integrate a full spectrum solution for your indoor garden (MH & HPS combination) without having to make another expensive investment.

      Digital Splitter Compatibility Chart:

      600W HPS 600W MH
      600W HPS 600W HPS
      600W MH 600W MH

      *The SolisTek Digital Splitter is equipped with Universal Style output plugs to accommodate most reflectors on the market.

      *The SolisTek Digital Splitter is designed to be used with SolisTek Digital Ballasts and SolisTek Digital Lamps.

      *It is not recommended to go any further in lamp cord length than the native 15ft that comes stock with each reflector when using the SolisTek Splitter.  This can lead to connectivity/ignition issues

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