SNS 604B Flowering Growth Supplement

by Hydrofarm

      3-5 Day Lead Time

      SNS-604A Vegetation Organic Growth Supplement Concentrate & SNS-604B Flowering Organic Growth Supplement Concentrate (512 to 1) - Grow Bigger, More Robust Roots & Flowers for Larger Yields

      SNS-604A and SNS 604B are a one-part nutrient additive to be used throughout the plants growing and flowering cycle. Stimulates root growth and builds up hardy productive roots fast with 100% natural growth hormones.

      SNS-604A and SNS 604B are a concentrated blend of plant and marine extracts.

      How it Works:
      SNS-604A & SNS-604B enhance nutrient mineral uptake and transport in your plants. The SNS-604 technology facilitates the conversion and biosynthesis of complex aromatic compounds plus enhances metabolic growth, promotes root & flower development, encourages fruit swelling, and facilitates essential oil production.

      SNS-604A & SNS-604B will also encourage beneficial microbial activity in the root zone. Your plants will increase in flavor, yield, and color!


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