Smart Bee - Final Assy, Handheld Water Content Meter

Water content plays a critical role in the life of plants. They need adequate water to develop a strong root system and for cooling themselves. Irrigation is about proper timing and maintaining the available water at the appropriate amounts. When water content drops below proper levels, crop stress develops that lead to loss of both crop quality and yield. The SmartBee Handheld Water Content Meter gives you a professional tool to fine tune your irrigation strategy. The device has a versatile readout and delivers 1% resolution and 2% accuracy. The WCM measures substrate temperature from 35 degrees F to 120 degrees F. The handheld dimensions are 6.5" x 3.25" x 1.25" and weights just 7.6 ounces. Its Li-Ion battery delivers a month of power and a USB charging port for extended use. The SmartBee Handheld WCM includes one SmartBee Water Content Sensor Probe.

HWCSM Probe Features

IP67 rated (buriable and waterproof up to one meter)
6ā€™ cable with 1/8ā€ TRRS connection
Easy probe installation
Ideal for Rockwool, Soil, Coco Fiber (Coir), and most pre-mixed mediums


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