Smart Bee - Final Assy, Final, Dry Contact Controller 8 Ch.

by Smart Bee

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      The SmartBee 24V Dry Contact Controller, allows you to step down your high-voltage relays to operate low-voltage appliances giving you variety of use options that may be suitable to your established electrical configuration. The eight relay dry contact controller is ideal for opening low-voltage solenoids serving multi-zoned irrigation systems within a single microclimate. The Hive communicates with the DCC8 over your network to turn relays ON or OFF, and uses sensor data to compare conditions to set points, and turn the required electrical appliances ON or OFF controlling your appliances to your desired settings. A perfect solution for greenhouses, the SmartBee 24V Dry Contact Controller is great for actuating blackout appliances and louvers that aid light deprivation applications.

      If you’re running different crop varieties in one room, a common practice is to irrigate in zones thus maximizing the efficiency of each of the crops individual feeding needs. The 24V Dry Contact Controller has the ability to utilize the SmartBee App’s irrigation schedules in the same way you would normally schedule irrigations in the system. You may be currently plugging several solenoids onto a control device such as a Smart Strip 4 (SS4). Now you can wire those same zones into the 24V Dry Contact Controller and have the same control while freeing up some controllable outlets you currently use for irrigation.

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