Premier Tech Pro-Mix® HP Biofungicide™ + Mycorrhizae™

by Sunlight Supply

      3-5 Day Lead Time

      Pro-Mix® HP Biofungicide + Mycorrhizae™ is a high porosity peat-based growing medium, ideal for water sensitive crops, rooting cutting and/or low-light growing conditions. Pro-Mix® HP Biofungicide + Mycorrhizae™ is suitable for a wide variety of horticultural plants, especially when high air capacity and extra drainage are required. Features: High perlite, peat-based growing medium; High drainage capacity; Designed for water sensitive crops; Ideal for low-light and high humidity growing conditions; Contains Mycorrhizae mycorrhizal inoculum (Glomus intraradices); Contains Biofungicide - (Bacillus pumilus – strain GHA-180).

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