PowerVEG T5 4' 633 Red Grow Light

by Hydrofarm

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      PowerVEG 633 Grow Light

      The name "633" references the area of the light spectrum produced by this lamp. The PowerVEG 633 promotes vertical plant growth and expands leaf size, producing a red spectral light that prepares your plants for fruiting and flowering.

      The PowerVEG 633 grow light does this by:

      • Rejuvenating plant growth cells
      • Stimulating stem growth
      • Affecting phytochrome reversibility, which is most important for photosynthesis, fruit, and flower regulation

      The PowerVEG 633 is one of five available colors designed to help you grow bigger and better plants. The PowerVEG 633 is one of two red spectrallyfocused lamps designed for fruiting and flowering. These lamps can also be combined with HORTILUX's 420, 460, 660 and the FS+UV to create a custom light spectrum for a start-to -finish combination. Check out Eye Hortilux's main PowerVEG page for suggestions on color combinations.

      The 633 can be used in any existing T5, 54 watt, HO (high output) lighting fixture. Combine the 633 with other PowerVEG T5's for maximum results. See Eye Hortilux's suggested formulas for VEG, FLOWER and START-to-FINISH.

      633 Replacement Guide:
      Optimal Growth - 8-9 months
      Average Growth - 10-11 months
      Maintenance Growth - 11-12 months
      Based on 18 hour burn time per day

      Disclaimer: Product shown as fully lit. PowerVEG 633 appears white when not lit.

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