NDS Etatron eOne MF Micro Doser Kit (Hi-Flo)

The NDS Etatron eOne MF Micro-Doser can dial down to 0.25 mL per gallon. It accurately doses super-concentrated products into an existing fertigation system. Designed to be in unison with the NDS.

** Parts ordered may look slightly different than the image displayed, but the fit and function will be the same. Container not included.

ā€¢ eOne MF 0110 pump
ā€¢ PVC suction tube
ā€¢ Water meter
ā€¢ Check valve
ā€¢ PVC bleed-off tube
ā€¢ Polyethylene discharge tube
ā€¢ Pressure relief valve
ā€¢ Unions
ā€¢ Foot filter
ā€¢ Mixing chamber
ā€¢ Injection valve



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