Advanced Nutrients Microbial Munch

by Advanced Nutrients

      3-5 Day Lead Time

      MICROBIAL MUNCH® Attention Growers: Maximize Your Microbes! Growers love beneficial bacteria and beneficial fungi because it’s like bringing the best of mother nature’s symbiotic species into your growing medium. Now, you can support, strengthen and enhance the microbial growth (fungi and bacteria) in your hydroponic system. Works great in soil too. Microbial Munch is like “superfood” for these species—it’s exactly what they crave to transform them into bigger, stronger, more resilient creatures. In short, it’s like putting them on steroids. And as always, you’re fully guaranteed when you purchase Microbial Munch – either you love it or you get all your money back! Microbial Munch is specially designed for use with all hydroponic growing media, including coco coir, as well as continuous liquid-feed growing systems such as aeroponics, drip irrigation and emitters, NFT, flood and drain, and deep water culture.

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