The ILUMINAR CMH Single Ended Lamp is a natural white grow light with a proprietary phosphor coating on the outside of the arc tube to provide a rich spectrum and superior color quality.

The 315W single ended bulb is a medium wattage light with enhanced spectral output that gives off a crisp white light for indoor gardens. It's designed for maximum efficiency and is available in 3K, 3K+Red, 4K and 10K color temperatures.

Many growers prefer CMH lighting because of the power per watt it can deliver as well as the remarkable PAR spectrum that most closely matches the deeply penetrative power of the sun.

Save money on your garden with the SE 315W by not only using less power, but also running cooler than the HPS and MH alternatives.

The ILUMINAR single ended 315W CMH lamps are perfect for propagation, vegetative as well as flower stages. The 3K lamp provides the richest spectrum for flowering plants but can be used during the vegetative state as well. The 3K+Red 315W is designed to enhance resin production in plants by giving a taller peak in the far-red to stimulate metabolic activity during flowering. The 315W 4K bulb promotes tight internodal spacing which to more flowering sites and a larger yield. The 10K 315W CMH lamp also enhances resin production in plants but is best used in the last 7-14 days of flowering.


  • Square Wave Tech Compatible
  • 3 Year Warranty,

The 10K 315W CMH- lamp specifically designed to enhance resin production in plants. Best used in the last 7-14 days of flowering.

  • Watts: 315W
  • Color Temperature: 10,000
  • Photon Flux: 450 Ī¼mol/s
  • Photon Flux / W: 1.43 Ī¼mol/j
  • Lumens: 22000
  • Lumens Per Watt: 70
  • Rated Life: 15,000 hrs
  • CRI: > 90
  • Burning Position: Hor + 15


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