PPF: 858 µmol/s
Efficacy: 2.6 µmol/j
Input Power: 330W

The iL5xc from ILUMINAR has the tuned spectrum and power engineered for seedlings and plants that require lower μmols, while still performing as an excellent choice for early growth and vegetative stages.

The low heat output and low energy costs make iL5xc the ultimate choice for starter plants and for cloning operations. The iL5xc LED can be used in a variety of environments. It can be mounted on a rack for a tiered indoor garden or hung as a stand-alone fixture.

This LED grow light has a quick and easy installation and the ability to daisy chain several fixtures in a row.
Backed by a powerful 5-year warranty and a team of quality lighting experts available when you need them, ILUMINAR Lighting works to surpass the competition in quality manufacturing, customer service, and lighting design

Top Product Features:

  • Spectrum Tuned: FS Grow (Full Spectrum Growth)
  • High-Efficiency SMD LED Array
  • Low Profile
  • ETL Listed
  • 5-Year Warranty

Features & Specifications:

  • Emitter Type: Osram SMD LED Diodes (various spectra available)
  • Spectrum Tuned: Indoor Full Sun / Customized Spectrum ​
  • Rated Mains Voltage: 120V-277V, 347V-480V
  • Dimming / 0-10V Controllable
  • Mounting Height: 6”-12” to top of Canopy
  • Emitter Cooling: Passive / Extruded Case
  • Waterproof Rating: IP65 for Damp Locations
  • LED Lifespan (90% of Life): 55,000+ Operational Hours
  • Light Distribution +/- 5%: 125º
  • Power Factor: > 90%

Physical Specifications:

  • L = 1067mm / 42.01”
  • W = 1003mm / 39.49”
  • H = 129mm / 5.08”
  • Weight = 13.5 lbs | 29.76 kg

120V | 2.85A | 341W
208V | 1.63A | 335W
240V | 1.41A | 332W
277V | 1.22A | 330W
347V | 0.99A | 340W
480V | 0.71A | 331W


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