The ILUMINAR DE Metal Halide brings the latest in lamp technology to greenhouse lighting. Our Double Ended lamps have less than 5% degradation while significantly increased PAR light production compared to Single-Ended lamps, without consuming more energy.

The increased PAR creates larger plant mass as well as better seedling growth, taller plants, thicker stems, more dense flowering, more terpene, and essential oil production all enhanced by specific light colors.

4k FLOWERING MH LAMPSĀ are optimal for use at the end of the vegetative stage and through the flowering stage when plants are producing buds.

6k GROWTH MH LAMPSĀ are optimal for use in the vegetative stage to help promote bushier plants and help limit stretching.

10k FROST MH LAMPSĀ are used the last 7-14 days of bloom, their super-enhanced blue spectrum light increases trichome production giving you more essential oils.

  • Lab Designed Gas Combination for Optimal Color
  • Japanese Arc Tube
  • Ultra High-Frequency Technology
  • 1 Year Warranty,

4K | 6KĀ  | 10K

  • Photon Flux :Ā 1500 Ī¼molsĀ 
  • Color Temperature:Ā  4200K | 6000K | 10000KĀ 
  • Lumens: 111000 | 91000 |Ā  66000
  • Lumens Per Watt: 150 |Ā  111Ā  | Ā  91Ā  |Ā  66
  • Color Per Watt: 60 | 70 |Ā  80Ā 
  • Rated LifeĀ  Hours:Ā 10000 | 10000 | 10000Ā |Ā 
  • Lamp Operating Voltage : 200VĀ 
  • Lamp Operating Current: 4.0A |Ā  4.1AĀ Ā 
  • Min Max Staring Pulse: 4-5Ā  |Ā  5-6
  • Min Open Circuit Voltage: 198VĀ  |Ā  342V
  • Burning Position: Universal
  • Max BaseĀ  Temperature: 250
  • Max Bulb Temperature: 700
  • Luminaire Type: Open/ Enclosed

Ā PPF Depreciation

  • 2,000 HRSĀ  | Ā  99%
  • 4,000 HRSĀ  | Ā  98%
  • 6,000 HRSĀ  | Ā  97%
  • 8,000 HRSĀ  | Ā  96%


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