ILUMINAR Vertical DE Lamp Fixture / 315-1000W 120-480V No Lamp included

With indoor vertical grow farms opening, vertical is back at the forefront of growers’ thoughts and re-engineering traditional ideas is the new frontier.

We dedicated ourselves to bringing back vertical DE lighting. New legislation in some areas limits plant counts per garden, and that has forced growers in a new direction.
At ILUMINAR Lighting, we strive to innovate and deliver new technologies, even those based on old ideas, in order to push the production limits of your garden further than you thought possible.

If you can’t have lots of shorter plants, the only way to grow is…UP!
Taller plants with more branched canopies have very different lighting needs to shorter broader canopy plants. If the light doesn’t break the initial canopy layers at the top – you stand to lose yields in your branched canopies below – this is where vertical ‘inter-canopy’ lighting steps in.

Fixture Compatible with:

  • DE HPS 1000W
  • DE HPS 750/600W
  • DE MH 750W
  • DE CMH 630W
  • DE MH 1000W
We wanted to take advantage of the more powerful double-ended configuration bulbs now available, but traditional connectors require two hands and are awkward and fragile.
So we innovated a new ‘roll-lock’ lamp connection that requires only one hand to install a new lamp. Dramatically increasing your yields in an easy way!

  • 15' cord
  • Cold rolled, hot galvanized dipped steel frame
  • 360º safety lens made from Borosilicate glass
  • Sweet-spot lighting solution
  • Single hand 'roll-lock' socket for simple lamp installation
  • Increased efficiency
  • Key locking safety lens
  • No tools necessary for assembly
  • 3 Year Warranty,


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