iGrow 800 Integrated UL508A Contactor Panel with 15 22Amp contactors, 1 DISM sensor (Temperature, Relative Humidity, Solar Light, and CO2), and 1 4-output expansion card.

iGrow 800 Greenhouse Controller

  • Advanced control, affordable price
  • Fully-programmable; expansion to 32 outputs
  • Use your cell phone to monitor and change settings
  • Get peace of mind with alerts for temperature, humidity, CO2 and more
  • UL Listed for safety and easy permits

Get real-time energy use and track run-time on greenhouse heatingĀ and cooling equipment with this easy-to-use controller system. TheĀ iGrow 800 series offers eight different ouputs for fans, heaters,Ā vents, irrigation, shade curtains (blackout curtains), and moreĀ ā€“ with Cloud access from any Internet-connected computer or smartphone.

Track your energy usage across 8 intelligently controlled outputs (expandable to 32) and adjust to increase your profit. Tools such asĀ LinkConnĀ SoftwareĀ expand the capabilities of this versatile line of controllersĀ to further save energy and increase your profit.

No more programming and reprogramming every crop cycle orĀ season change ā€“ with the iGrow 800 series USB data loggingĀ feature you can easily save settings to any USB flash drive. WhenĀ the time comes to switch settings, simply insert your USB flash driveĀ into your iGrow data. These are some of the new and innovativeĀ ways Link4 has provided to reduce setup times and reduce yourĀ labor costs.


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