Growth Science Organics Opulent Harvest

by Hydrofarm
      Opulent Harvest®

      Opulent Harvest® gives plants an essential element required for transitioning into flower and fruit production. Packed with natural Potassium, this powerful bloom booster encourages more aromatic flowers. With Opulent Harvest®, your plant will be able to produce the high quality fruits and flowers it’s capable of making under ideal conditions. You’ve worked hard on your garden, use Opulent Harvest® to make that hard work pay off.

      • By fermenting various plant materials we are able to extract potent mineral compounds and novel phytochemicals that the parent plant material produces. 
      • Can be used as foliar until flowers begin to mature and then applied via root drench.
      • Four species of kelp add carbohydrates to your soil.
      • Fulvic acid helps chelate micronutrients

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