Growth Science Organics Humic Tonic

by Hydrofarm

      Growth Science Organics Humic Tonic

      Long ago, before man walked the earth, a strange landscape of pre-historic plants and animals both lived and died under a primordial sun. Layer after layer, their decomposing remains re-united with the earth from which they came. These concentrations of naturally occurring acids transformed as the centuries passed into rich deposits known as ā€œleonarditeā€. Growth ScienceĀ® harnesses this wonderful gift of nature by providing humic acid derived from leonardite into a product Growth Science Organics proudly callsā€¦ Humic TonicĀ®.

      ā€¢Ā Humic acids are a large group of molecules that are extracted from humus or plant material that has been decayed for long periods of time. When we extract humic acids we can a suite of large molecules that improve soil biology, chemistry and its physical structure.Ā 
      ā€¢Ā Improves soil fertility over time.
      ā€¢Ā 5% Humic Acids

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