GreenGro™ Granular Plus Myco Blend 0.46 - 0.34 - 1.92

by Sunlight Supply
      GreenGro™ Granular Plus is a microbe rich product has the highest concentration of beneficial ingredients on the market. GreenGro™ Granular Plus is a blend of mycorrhizae, beneficial bacteria, kelp and humic. This highly-effective and easy-to-use, all-in-one product will dramatically improve the health and vigor of your root systems. Same great formula as the Ultrafine blend, but intended for soil based applications. GreenGro™ mycorrhizae blend contains a diverse selection of endo mycorrhizal fungi and beneficial root colonizing bacteria. It creates a network of micro filaments and microbes that act as an extension of the plants’ root system. GreenGro™ Granular Plus can be applied at time of transplant for season long lasting benefits. It is also a great ingredient in compost teas and soil mix.

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