General Hydroponics® AeroFlo® Systems Parts

by Hawthorne

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      These parts work with the AeroFlo® grow systems. 706005 (98005) is laser drilled for use with square chambers only. Used with AeroFlo® 20/30/60/60 ext. 706832 (6621) & 706833 (6622) are site plugs that are used in the AeroFlo® systems. 708325 (4166) is a growing chamber Laser Sprayline grommet. Used with all AeroFlo® systems. 747755 (4168) is 5/8 in shut off valve used on reservoir drain for the AeroFlo® 20/30. 708330 (4167) is a growing chamber drain overflow tube grommet. Used with all AeroFlo® systems. 706036, 706037 & 706043 are replacement reservoirs or reservoir lid drain kit. 707251, 707252, 707253 (8041), 707254 (8018) & 707256 (8042) are replacement AeroFlo® Snapstands for growing chamber end support.

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