The Soil King Emerald Rootz Tote, 60 cu ft

by Hydrofarm

      3-5 Day Lead Time


      Emerald Rootz® is carefully formulated to meet the needs of professional growers, yet it’s so easy to use that even novice gardeners can achieve growing success. Similar to Big Rootz® - same amendments, but shifted ratios on the NPK to allow for the 2-4 week vegetation time that indoor growers are accustomed too (versus the 2-3 month outdoor vegetation time). The major difference between Big Rootz® and Emerald Rootz® is switching out pumice stone for perlite - this accomplishes a lighter soil, as well as allowing for quicker drying between watering’s. Through The  research, we have perfected a uniquely enriched blend that we know you’ll love.

      Emerald Rootz® blend consists of:
      • Peat
      • Triple-washed coir 
      • Worm castings
      • Compost  
      • Ligna peat
      • Perlite
      • Guanos
      • Rock dusts
      • Kelp meal
      • Blood meal
      • Fish bone meal

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