Down To Earth™ Mini Fert Asst Display - Single Element

by Sunlight Supply
Sold out
      The Down To Earth™ Mini Display is specially designed for indoor and outdoor garden centers. It is a great compact, high-impact counter top display for quick pick/impulse buy areas. This is a low cost introduction to Down To Earth™ fertilizers. Easy to rotate. Display size is 5-1/2 in high x 4-1/8 in wide x 2 in deep. This display comes with 6 - 0.25 lb boxes of Bat Guano 9-3-1 Mini, 6 - 0.5 lb boxes of Blood Meal 12-0-0, 6 - 1 lb boxes of Fish Bone 3-16-0 and 6 - 0.5 lb boxes of Kelp Meal.

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