Cultilene Starter Cubes 77 cell Tray

by Cultilene

      Cultilene is a mixture of basalt rocks and chalk. These are heated to 1600 degrees at which point they become molten and are spun, like candy floss.

      When occurring naturally, during volcanic eruptions, this material is known as Angel Hair.

      This perfectly blended Rockwool makes the ideal environment for roots to develop. The tiny fibres and air pockets hold water without water logging and encourage exception plant and root growth. At full saturation, Cultilene holds approx 80% of its volume in water, leaving 20% of tiny air pockets.

      Each propagation cube sits in an individually well in a plastic tray.

      Available in start cubes, grow cubes and slabs. Cultilene Rockwool is highly regarded and widely used by amateurs and professionals alike. Still used to this day by NASA.

      Suited to drip feed, ebb and flood or NFT

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