Bluelab® PeriPod™ M4

by Sunlight Supply
      Designed to be teamed with the Bluelab® Pro Controller for a fully integrated solution for optimal reservoir dosing, the Bluelab® PeriPod™ is a simple and reliable inclusion. The Bluelab® PeriPod™ responds to dosing triggers received from the Bluelab® Pro Controller and pumps pH adjusters and nutrient stock solutions into your reservoir using 4x 120ml (4fl oz)/min peristaltic pumps. Accurately measure, control and maintain pH levels. Grow sites are all different so now you can choose the combination to match your set up needs and add multiple PeriPods. Connect to M3 or M4 PeriPods will enable multi-dosing up to 12 nutrients or pH ajusters. External alarm box and sample pot available to customize your nutrient dosing system set up.

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