The Soil King Big Rootz Bloom Tote, 40 cu ft

by Hydrofarm

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      Same mix as Big Rootz® but has a bloom fertilizer, mineral and mycorrhizae blend in it. Transplant your greenhouse pots by sizing them up with Big Rootz Bloom®. Your plants have the same diet from clone to finish.  Big Rootz Bloom® is pH-adjusted and enriched with mycorrhizae to maximize root growth, increase nutrient and water uptake, and foster overall plant vigor. Through The Soil King's research, they have perfected a uniquely enriched blend that they know you’ll love. 

      Big Rootz Bloom® blend consists of: 
      • Peat
      • Triple-washed coir 
      • Worm castings
      • Compost  
      • Ligna peat
      • Pumice
      • Guanos
      • Rock dusts
      • Kelp meal
      • Blood meal
      • Fish bone meal

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