Beaver Plastics Lettuce Rafts

by HydroFarm

      Beaver Plastic Lettuce Rafts are made with food grade resins and are used to cultivate fabulous leafy vegetables and herbs in a deep water culture. What makes these lettuce rafts state of the art is the fact that they:

      • "Sealed Surface Technology" Resist water penetration
      • Resist root penetration- keeping the roots intact for transplanting
      • Specialized cell shape to encourage roots to bind together with the soil into a single plug
      • Are built to last and have dependable durability and longevity
      • Offers a cost effective system
      • These lettuce rafts will float your boat and your growth!

      Start with sterilized deep water beds in a greenhouse. Add seedling plugs to the lettuce raft. Add the lettuce rafts to the deep water circulating tanks, and let them float. Lettuce will be ready to harvest in 5-7 weeks!

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