Auto Cure Large Curing Chamber


20 lbs finished product, 36” x 53” footprint

  • Floor unit with wheeled base for easy moving
  • Two (2) individually controlled chambers for different batches and strains

The Auto Cure Automated Curing Unit - Large is the first fully automated curing technology which handles all post-harvest drying, curing, and long-term storage (extended curing). The Auto Cure Automated Curing Unit - Large automated curing technology uses a proprietary software application and a specially designed robotics system to dynamically transition from an air-tight chamber to laminar ventilation via negative pressure, thereby eliminating mold. This dynamic creates an ideal Minimum Effective Airflow environment which eliminates mold and micro-climates, promoting consistency and standardization among the Top-Shelf flower. Digital sensors mounted inside the chamber record and display readings and compare them against threshold values set on the 7" LCD Touchscreen Display.

Auto Cure Automated Curing Unit:

  • Easy-to-use touchscreen app allows the user to dynamically control internal RH% by setting the venting parameters on the sliders.
  • The only automated curing option for large-scale commercial growers.
  • Designed to eliminate mold.
  • Auto Cure is self-monitoring and vents itself (automatic burping) entirely and precisely at the exact moment that the flower dictates.
  • Digital toggle-slider system allows for easy changes from drying, curing, and storage (extended curing) venting parameters.
  • Real-time data logging graphically depicts the rate of moisture release from the drying/curing flower over time, providing a valuable tool for standardization and brand consistency.

Auto Cure Automated Curing Unit:

  • AutoCure is self-monitoring and self-adjusting through its custom designed software application which is displayed on a 7” Touchscreen.
  • AutoCure can be set to vent via a Time Max Threshold and a RH% Max Threshold for automated curing cycles.
  • Set three digital sliders to desired venting parameters, and let AutoCure do the rest of the work.
  • All curing data generated from AutoCure's vent cycles is logged to a secured online portal which customers are able to access via
  • AutoCure is also programmed with a Manual Cycle feature that allows the user to vent the machine at will.
  • Add descriptions to the data including strain and other information to analyze and standardize the curing process and the final product ready for sale.
  • Produces product with improved consistency, potency, and decreased waste.

2.75” Ventilation fans
Heavy-duty venting servos

7" LCD Touchscreen

Laboratory-Grade Acrylic


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