The Aspida is dedicated to protecting people from the dangers of elevated
carbon dioxide and oxygen depletion.
Standard features include a high visibility display, vibration alarm and TWA
alarm all packaged in a durable enclosure. However the Aspida offers you
more including:
• Intelligent software allowing 2 users to be registered on one unit.
• Inbuilt intelligence ensures you know when the Aspida needs maintaining.
• Battery flexibility - forgot to charge your Aspida? Don’t worry, you can also
fit two standard AA batteries for the day.
• The Aspida is fitted with a man down device offering extra safety
protection for lone workers. The audible alarm is capable of reaching
• The man down device can also be used a panic alarm, this is initiated by
pushing and holding the ‘X’ button.
• The Aspida is supplied with a push-in flow adaptor, USB cable and data download software as standard.
Alarm Set Points: CO2: 0.5% and 1.5% O2: 18% and 19.5%.
Mandown: Activated after 3 mins of non-movement.


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