Aquabella Biofilm Buster

Drip Irrigation Biofilm Removal

Single solution for clearing your irrigation system.

Unlike harsh chemical treatments which are limited to the surface of the biofilm only, Biofilm Buster's enzymes actively digest all biofilm layers, restoring your irrigation system to 100% capacity.

Key Benefits:

All Natural Bio-Enzyme
Clears Irrigation Line Biofilm Clogs
Non-Toxic, Safe for Plants
Ideal for Drip Lines, Tape, and Pipes

Activation Directions:

BIOFILM BUSTER MUST BE ACTIVATED by mixing with NON-CHLORINATED water before application

Use a non-metal container to activate. For every 100 feet of Ā½ inch irrigation line, add 30 mL (2 Tbs) Biofilm Buster to 1-gallon non-chlorinated water. Let stand 24 hours before applying to an irrigation system. Inject and keep in irrigation system overnight (at least 8 ā€“ 12 hours), then use the system as normal.

Preventative Maintenance:

Avoid future clogs by using every 2ā€“4 weeks.


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