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Airnugz 2200- 115V 60hz - with DUAC Filter, Carbon Filter and Prefilter


      Vendor Airganics
      SKU: AN2200

        Air Purification and Odor Neutralization for Large Greenhouses Cross Contamination Prevention AirNugz Filtration 2200 for Odorless Space.

        • Efficiency: The AirNugz 2200 is the most powerful yet portable filtration system engineered for critical air filtration and odor neutralization. By combining true DUAC filtration (Dual Activation) with our “Duac-Pure” three stage odor controlling filter, the Airganics AirNugz is the most efficient filtration system in its class.

        • Versatility: The AirNugz 2200 is used in a variety of applications ranging from odor and fume removal, air purifying, food processing, laboratory cross contamination prevention and containment of airborne pathogen for medical and hospital uses.

        • Virtually indestructible: The heavy duty roto molded box is leak proof and virtually indestructible.

        • Standard filters: 24” x 24” x 12” Fill-Pure DUAC Honeycomb Filter (45 lbs of Dual Activated Media) 24” x 24” x 1” Fill-Pure Tri-Tek PreFilter 24” x 24” x 1/2” Fill-Pure MERV Filter

        • Horizontal design with 4” casters for easy transport and placement

        • Integrated molded carrying handles for easy lifting

        • Caster nest for stackability when high air filtration volume required

        • Extended filter life with super loaded DUAC filter made of 45 lbs of dual activated media

        • Two speed air volume 1000 CFM and 2200 CFM

        • Easy filter change with guillotine door and brackets

        • Large 12” ducting intake door when required

        • Dent proof and light weight Benefits

        • No installation necessary. Turnkey system. Plug and filter!!!

        • Removes any organically generated odor via the DUAC Honeycomb Filter

        • Exhaust clean odorless air after filtration • Increase airflow in greenhouses

        • Renew fresh clean air supply

        • Portable and easily movable and transportable

        • 2 speed switch permits user to adjust the air exchange rate

        • Prevents cross contamination by odor

        • Restore outside air quality inside any close space

        • Air purification for food processing facilities grow area and laboratories

        AN2200 - Airnugz 2200- 115V 60hz - with DUAC Filter, Carbon Filter and Prefilter

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