Galcon 8000 Series AC (110VAC) Irrigation, Misting and Propagation Controllers

Controller operates 6, 9 or 12 valves.
Each valve separately programmable
Ideal for sprinklers and drip-irrigation
Seconds-based irrigation - 8000S model
Concurrent irrigation from 2 valves
For outdoor installation


  • Intensive irrigation with multiple cycles per day (S8000 model)
  • Seconds-based irrigation and in minute intervals (S8000 model)
  • Control for situations requiring a large number of activations per day (S8000 model)
  • Smart phone control (8000BT)*    *Coming soon
  • 24V electrically powered
  • Suitable for a broad range of valves and solenoids
  • Suitable for misting in greenhouses
  • Suitable for cooling poultry coops and cow sheds
  • Connection to a Normally Closed (NC) rain sensor
Sensors & Accessories
  • Rain sensor
  • Temperature and/or humidity connection


Series 8000 controller for outdoor installation (4, 6, 9, 12 valves)

Description Grid electricity-powered controller
Controls 6, 9, 12 valves
Suitable for implementation Misting in greenhouses, for cooling chicken coops and cow sheds, basic agriculture, multiple activations
Optional Seconds-based irrigation and minutes-long cycles (S model)
Standards CE EMC, CE Safety
User Manuals

8000BT Series controller* *Coming soon

Description Irrigation controller by series, mobile phone (Bluetooth) activated
Controls 6, 9, 12 valves
Ideal for application In home gardening, public gardening, open fields, greenhouses

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