HydroLogic 17,300 GPD HyperLogic RO Units with Manganese Pre-Filtration Plan (WITH Plug & Play Skid Assembly, WITH ORP Monitors)

Note: WITH Plug & Play Skid Assembly, WITH ORP Monitors

Each System Build Includes:

(2) Bag Sediment filters (to be plumbed in parallel)

Chlorine Injector for Manganese mitigation

Greensand Filtration

Carbon Filtration for Chlorine removal

Anti-Scalant Injector

(2) 6.6-Gallon Pales of Ant-Scalant Concentrate

HyperLogic Commercial Series RO Unit

Electronic Float Switch (for RO to turn off/on automatically)

Electrical Receptacle Duplex (for Anti-Scalant Injector to relay with RO unit)


Optional Items:

Dual ORP Monitors for Membrane Chlorine Protection

Plug & Play Skid Assembly


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