Wholesale Program Agreement

If granted an open account, I/we agree to pay all invoices according to the terms thereon (immediate payment) plus reimbursement of all expenses of collection, including attorney’s fees incurred by Agron LLC®, Inc. before trial, at trial, and on any appeal (including any fees incurred in any bankruptcy proceeding) by reason of any default of Debtor on any such obligation, or by reason of any default of the undersigned.

The terms of said invoice are incorporated herein by this reference, and shall be a part of this agreement. In the event any amount is not paid as stated above I/we agree to pay a FINANCE CHARGE OF 1½% per month, assessed monthly, minimum charge $.50 (Annual Percentage Rate 18%), or the highest rate allowed by law, on the unpaid amount. It is understood that this agreement will be a continuing one, and it shall cover all bills and invoices rendered by Agron LLC®, Inc. under the terms and conditions stated herein and under said invoices.

The applicant does hereby waive notice of any demand by Agron LLC®, Inc. as well as any notice of default in the payment of any amounts owing according to the terms of the invoice. Agron LLC®, Inc. also reserves the right to place the debtor on “Stop Ship” or “C.O.D” without notice, in the event of default or for any other reason. Agron LLC®, Inc. may discontinue or stop delivery or sale to applicant at any time and for any or no reason.

If any suit or action is filed by any party to enforce this agreement or otherwise with respect to the subject of this agreement, venue shall be in the federal or state courts located in Wyoming. Applicant and guarantor hereby consent to jurisdiction in the state and federal courts of Colorado. The prevailing Party in any claim, action or proceeding to enforce or interpret this agreement will be entitled to costs and reasonable attorney’s fees, at or before any trial and/or appeal; and the costs of collecting any judgment obtained including any costs or attorney’s fees incurred in any bankruptcy proceeding. Accounts with balances aged over 30 days will receive a final notice demand letter. If account is not made current within 7 days, account will be turned over for collection. All collection costs and attorney fees will be incurred by the client if they are not paid as agreed. Accounts turned over for collection will have a public notice filed for the unpaid balance placed on their personal credit report(s) of all guarantors.

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