Netafim: Essentials

Drippers and Drip Lines

Drip lines are pipes that have evenly spaced drippers welded inside. Our drippers work as the emitters that deliver measured quantities of water and nutrients at regulated pressures to each plant daily. 

If your plants are evenly distributed throughout your field, orchard, or greenhouse, you most likely rely on drip lines to irrigate and fertigate your crops. But if your operation is dealing with irregular spacing between your plants, you’ll need to place individual drippers to ensure that every plant is getting water and nutrients deposited directly to the root zone. 

Netafirm offers both pressure-compensated (PC) drippers and non-PC drippers:

  • PC drippers are designed to service steep/ varied topographies and long fields. Despite changes in pressure, they’re able to maintain a consistent flow rate, which allows you to build an effective precision irrigation system, despite any obstacles within your landscape. 
  • Non-PC drippers are ideal for shorter crop rows and flat topographies. 

Netafim also offers a variety of thickness options for their drip lines:

  • Thicker drip lines offer additional durability against external damage or system pressure. These are the best options for systems dealing with a wider range of pressures or if the drip lines may be subject to potential physical damages.
  • Thinner drip lines are less expensive and better suited for systems looking to remove and replace their drip lines annually or after every crop cycle.
  • Medium-walled drip lines offer a balance between budget and durability.

Investing in quality drip lines and drippers will ensure that your crops will produce higher yields season after season, despite difficult or changing growing conditions. 

Sprinklers, Micro-Sprinklers, and Special Emitters

When it comes to dynamic farming, the key to success lies in employing a smart sprinkler system that is capable of meeting any challenge. Offering uniform water distribution regardless of topography, economical frost protection, and reasonable maintenance, Netafim’s sprinkler services meet the demands of any growing operation. 

Whether you're facing obstacles in cooling or humidification, ensuring uniform irrigation, first protection, and more, the extensive sprinkler product line offers a wide variety of specifications designed to accommodate the needs of your dynamic crops. 

The NetSpeX™ smart sprinkler system designer offers growers a professional design solution that allows you to design your system by application, optimize the performance of an existing sprinkler model, and compare different sprinklers to decide which design solution works best for your individual operation. 


Even when faced with the harshest weather conditions, Netafim filters are equipped to protect your valuable crops. Built to meet superior irrigation performance standards, Netafim filtration systems lead to better crops and higher yields by offering an unmatched level of defense. 

Netafim offers a wide range of specifications and features within their line of filters. By designing their filters to address specific challenges such as harsh water, corrosion, and UV radiation, growers can be confident that their crops are getting the protection they demand. 


The right valves will be able to reliably control flow rates and pressure, allowing you to automate your system’s operation. What would you do with the time you saved by enjoying a productive precision irrigation system?

Professional growers know that stable pressure is vital to establishing healthy yields and that healthy yields lead to a stable business. By taking control over your water management and productivity, you’ll see reliability in all conditions. 

By offering a wide range of valves that are built to address different challenges faced by growers, Netafim ensures that you’ll be able to deal with everything from precise adjustments to shutting off all the main lines. 

Netafim also offers a free Control Valves App that helps you to choose the best valve for your operation. The app gives you all the information you’ll need to feel confident in your valve selection as well as how to properly connect your valves. You can also browse the spare parts catalog to create custom solutions for your needs. 

Flexible and PE Pipes

Professional growers are becoming familiar and excited about the new designs, materials, and accessories that have come to the world of conduction pipes designed for main and sub-main irrigation lines. These technological advancements have led to both easier assembly and operation, as well as more efficient irrigation systems. 

Netafim’s Flexnet Pipes are portable, leak-free main and sub-main pipes. Weighing less than half as other pipes on the market, growers can request customized pre-welded outlet spacing designed specifically for your land. This solution is four times faster to install than other pipes and is guaranteed to never leak. 

By designing the most innovative pipe in irrigation on the market, Netafim offers growers solutions that are designed for easy use without compromising on durability or the ability to customize. 

Netafim’s reinforced portable pipes offer quick and easy installation thanks to their lightweight  integral welded outlets. These pipes weigh two-thirds less than other comparable lay-flat pipes so you’ll cut your labor time to a fraction by installing and transporting them faster. 

Their welded outlets also ensure perfect sealing, which reduces leaks, muddy spots, and weeds, while providing top performance for the years to come. Netafim pipes won’t snake like other sub-main pipes that tend to move position over time and temperature changes. 

Colored white for thermal resistance, high chemical and UV exposure, Netafim pipes are produced from the best raw materials available, which is why they easily meet the highest quality standards. You’ll no longer be met with any surprises above or below ground as you’ll be able to enjoy reliable irrigation for your operation.

Netafim offers a wide range of PE pipes that offer the following:

  • Different diameters
  • Different pressure ratings
  • A range of coil types that include tie coils (standard or colored), stretched wrapped coils, rod pipes, and coiled on metal drums
  • A variety of colors


When it comes to creating a quality irrigation system, professional growers know that the details matter. Offering innovative designs, premium materials, and field-proven durability, Netafim connectors are created with lasting reliability in mind.

About Netafim

As farmers-turned-innovators, Netafim has understood the needs of actual growing operations since 1965. Beginning in the Negev desert in Israel while trying to grow crops in desert soil, Netafim knows the challenges that come with trying to farm in extreme conditions. These challenges have since evolved to a product line that combines precision irrigation, agronomic expertise, and decades of innovation, that remains committed to helping farmers grow any crop, in any condition. 

By centering growers at the center of their business, Netafim has built bridges between numerous locations, languages, and cultures through their commitment to reliable growth. 

Their success stems from an unapologetic commitment to quality, as well. As a company of action, Netafim has become familiar with conducting exhaustive field tests, refining development procedures, and optimizing their production techniques so they can continuously deliver high-quality products and services to the growers that deserve them most. 

Netafim has grown to a team of 5,000. Spread across 110 countries, the company includes 33 subsidiaries and 17 manufacturing plants across the globe. After irrigating over 10 million hectares of land and producing over 150 billion drippers, Netafim has played a role in improving the productivity of more than 2 million farmers worldwide. 

Discover how to grow more with less by integrating Netafim products into your growing operation today.

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