Agron Greenhouse Structures

With over 200 commercial build-outs in the horticulture industry, Agron provides reliable and customizable growing structures, systems, and supplies alongside their unmatched customer service.

Our wide selection of offerings include everything from greenhouses to cold frames, which is why Agron’s product offerings are specifically designed to meet the individual demands of any operation.

Despite their lower costs per square foot than the industry average, Agron hasn’t compromised the integrity of their structures by remaining committed to using high-quality, sustainable building features that are made and manufactured in the USA. Because Agron structures are built to last, they’re ready to tackle any climate or environment for years to come.

GrowSpan greenhouses offer growers
the following features:

  • Energy-efficient designs and options for monthly savings.
  • A wide variety of cladding options are available; ranging from twin-wall polycarbonate to aluminized film.
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA, guaranteeing strong, reliable construction.
  • Rapid construction and experienced installation crews.
  • Complete control over environmental factors to create the optimal growing environment.
  • Access to a wide selection of greenhouse accessories and equipment, including HVAC, curtain systems, lighting, and more.
  • In-house services including financing, engineering, and installation.
  • Expert consultation from dedicated GrowSpan specialists.

All GrowSpan structures can be outfitted to provide
environmental control by including the following features:

  • Numerous computer and controlling options
  • Can be automated to reduce labor required to manipulate environmental factors/ focus on other things instead
  • Can be outfitted with growing systems to reduce labor and energy costs
  • Ensures high quality crops and yields

 Discover why growers have continuously relied on GrowSpan for their structures, systems, and supplies for decades while enjoying wholesale prices at Agron today.

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