Greencube vertical cultivation system


The 2D-Shuttles move between the levels by using our Shuttle Lifts, that can transport both the shuttles and the benches between levels.

Our durable and reliable Shuttle Lifts are the result of more than 25 years experience in multi-level greenhouse cultivation systems.

The control and registration of the crop is done using Dat-A-Control, the most advanced greenhouse logistical control software.

This also makes individual bench irrigation registration and gives growers the best tools to manage their crops during production.

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Transport capacity: 40 benches/ hour
Charge time: 4 hours
Operating speed: 0.8 m/s
Working time one charge: 10 hours
Communication: WiFi
Automatic positioning: Inductive sensors
Battery capacity: 60 Ah
Frame assembly: Aluminum
Battery working temperatures: 5 to +40C
Maintenance interval: 6 Months
Litt capacity: Upto 1500 kg
Security Sensors: Photocell
Operating speed: 0.25m/s
Simultaneous 2D shuttle and bench transport: Yes
No. of lifting deck actuators: 4
Multiple lifting frames: Yes(optional)
Actuator capacity: 6 kW
Frame assembly: Galvanized steel
Max. height: 30 meters
Maintenance interval: 6 Months

Product Information

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