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Building indoor hydroponic facilities is our specialty with a combined team experience of several decades. From across the United States, Canada, and South America, we’ve had our hands in some of the most famous grow facilities you might have seen featured on Instagram or at tradeshows.


Our outdoor team specializes in site selection, land preparation, genetics, irrigation, and soil testing. We provide guidance in every step of the cultivation process including designing, equipping, and operational management. All types of cultivation methods are welcome!.


Your complete solution for custom greenhouse projects large and small. Greenhouses allow for the grower to operate year round despite the outside temperatures. Meticulous planning goes into finding the perfect materials, design, and construction needed for your business model.

We Cover Everything You Need

Expert Services

  • Architectural Drawings
  • AutoCad Services
  • Business Model Research
  • Commercial Product Guidance
  • Budget Planning
  • Technical Troubleshooting
  • Returns/Warranty/Repairs
  • Administrative & Staffing
  • Genetic Selection

What does building a grow facility usually cost?

$75-$225 per sq. ft. including General Contract labor.*

If you’re planning on building without a General Contractor a good average is $100 per sq. ft.

High end grows including vertical solutions i.e. Pipp, Space Saver, LED, etc. are $350 per sq. ft.*

*Note: The larger the facility, the cost per sq. ft. can decrease due to mechanical equipment staying the same and the quantity discounts on your lighting etc.

*Note: The price per sq. ft. range is also due to permits and your respective state and/or country’s laws.

A New Era of Commercial Hydroponics

Light Layouts

From LED, CMH, DE, or Mixed Spectrum, we provide customized PPFD layouts for veg and flower rooms in your facility. We often find over lighting or under lighting a garden is one of the biggest reasons grows fail.

Rolling Benches

Rolling benches are highly recommended for any commercial grow operation. We optimize maximum space efficiency with a custom plan accounting for your work flow, business model, & desired aisle space.


If you are retrofitting an existing facility or building to spec, we assist growers looking for automated fertigation systems that are accurate, cost-effective, and time-saving.

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Automating irrigation improves plant quality and productivity. First, plant quality is improved by making irrigation more uniform; second, it reduces the amount of time spent hand-watering crops, creating more opportunities for staff training and development. Your staff can now focus on equipment malfunctions, inspecting root systems, and repairing leaks that can result in algae, fungus, and gnats.


Commercial grade systems made specifically for indoor and sealed greenhouse growers. Unlike HVAC systems that are repurposed from other applications, we focus on solutions specifically created with the cultivator in mind. During our specification phase, we assess factors including vapor pressure deficit, energy savings, consistency, and reliability. Finally, our team includes advanced sensors, controls, and automation for better data and better results.

IPM Regimens

Integrated Pest Management is even more complex as state and federal governments are implementing mandatory testing to detect contamination. Our recommended products are EPA registered, USDA NOP compliant, and OMRI listed. We develop standard operating procedures to ensure employees adhere to the IPM protocols that are suited to your grow and business model.

What Our Customers Say About Us

If you need help, I would suggest Kenny Roberts. He is who has helped our business grow. I couldn’t be happier to deal with Agron, and the dedication they give to their customers! I wish more businesses operated this way, and I can’t say enough about them.

Aaron Lathrom

New Build-Out Consulting

We run the largest indoor grow facility in Arizona. We have been doing business with Agron for years and we won't be going ANYWHERE else. They take such good care of us no matter what the size of our order.

Mike Baska

Consulting Services

Stellar service, great assortment of products, very competitive pricing, and most importantly, very knowledgeable staff who are very experienced in the industry. Thanks to the Agron team for all their assistance!

Nathan Pierce

Commercial Equipment

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