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Supernatural® Bud Blaster®  1 - 52  - 31

Supernatural® Bud Blaster® 1 - 52 - 31

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Used to promote increased flower size and quality, Bud Blaster® ensures a strong final ripening stage.

We are a highly skilled and dedicated team of researchers, scientists, chemists, biologist, innovators, formulators and cultivation experts passionate in the art of high performance agriculture. Our primary goal is to significantly improve cultivation techniques with purity and performance while producing a new standard in produce quality. Through decades of risks, sacrifice, perseverance, research trials, and exploration we have discovered amazing ways to grow crops with greater level of performance and quality. This has brought us our greatest rewards, significantly improving the lively hood of our customers, many of whom dedicate their expertise and new found success to Supernatural Brand products and their ground breaking practices. We are so happy to be able to accelerate our customers to be recognized as the finest horticulturists in the industry.