SE Reflectors

Agrotech® Magnum Reflector

Agrotech® Magnum Reflector

Vendor: Hawthorne

SKU: HGC904615


Lightweight all aluminum reflector with galvanized steel back plate. Made of 95% reflective German aluminum. Comes unassembled and easily sets up i...

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Econo Wing Reflector®

Econo Wing Reflector®

Vendor: Hawthorne

SKU: HGC904465


Made with highly reflective textured aluminum and a heavy duty galvanized steel mounting bracket. Corners are rounded – no sharp corners unlike com...

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Econo Wing Reflector® XL

Econo Wing Reflector® XL

Vendor: Hawthorne

SKU: HGC904462


The Econo Wing Reflector® XL is more than twice the size of a standard wing style reflector. Made with highly reflective textured aluminum for exce...

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Super Spreaders®

Super Spreaders®

Vendor: Hawthorne

SKU: HGC904530


Super Spreaders® combine common sense and innovation with advancements in reflective surface technology to produce a truly super light spreader! Th...

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Discover the Benefits of SE Reflectors for Your Growing Operation

Growers are always looking for ways to boost their crop yields, and there are several strategies that can be used to achieve that objective. One of the proven ways for anyone growing plants indoors to increase their yields is to improve the operation’s lighting. That’s where SE reflectors enter the picture.

Exploring Lighting Needs

Different types of grow lights are normally used to make the most of specific growing situations and needs. At Agron, we strongly encourage our clients to research the various options and ask for advice if there are concerns over which types of lighting would best suit a grower’s unique needs. 

Remember, there are several factors to consider when deciding which types of lighting systems and SE reflectors are best for your crops. 

  • The type of plant being grown is always a primary consideration. For example, growing hydroponic tomatoes requires different lighting than growing herbs in soil. Different growing stages may also require different types of lighting and reflectors. Metal halide (MH) lights may be recommended during the vegetative phase because of their high levels of blue light while high-pressure sodium light may be recommended for both vegetative and reproductive growth phases.

  • Distance from the plants is another consideration. All grow lights generate heat, but some operate at much higher temperatures than others. The type of SE reflector used can mitigate some heat issues, as too much heat will negatively impact plant growth.

  • Dispersal issues must also be discussed. Reflectors determine how light is dispersed, suggesting it’s vitally important to select the best option to ensure all plants get the light needed for strong, healthy growth. 

  • Financial issues are also critical for growers. Sticking to a budget is the only way to realize a profit at the end of the growing cycle, but too much scrimping can also create issues. Yes, utility costs are important, but raising the lights too high in an attempt to cover more plants with fewer lights is generally not a good idea. Each type of light should be located within a certain distance from plants to provide the needed light levels. 

Since each crop has different needs, don’t be too quick to decide which fixtures and reflectors are needed. Again, take the time to discuss your needs with our team of experts to ensure you select lighting systems, including those all-important reflectors.

Why SE Lights and Reflectors Remain Popular

Double-ended (DE) fixtures have gained fans since their introduction a few years ago, but single-ended (SE) fixtures and reflectors remain the favorites of many growers. While DE lights are more energy-efficient than their SE cousins, SE fixtures cost significantly less to purchase. It pays to look at your growing needs and budget carefully prior to making a buying decision, but SE lights may well be the best option for growers.

Choosing Reflectors

Not everyone understands the importance of selecting reflectors that pair well with the light fixture itself, but not taking the time to evaluate the various SE reflector options can easily make the difference between being profitable and losing money.

SE Reflectors from manufacturers like Sun System, Magnum, Gavita, and others are carefully designed and crafted to produce the best light for growers raising everything from flowers and vegetables to one of the newest crops, marijuana. 

Of course, the growing environment and type of plants being grown impact any decision when selecting SE reflectors. Plants require different types of light during their growth, which means choosing the type of fixture and SE reflector will determine if your crop thrives through the various stages of development.

If you’re unsure which SE reflectors should be used for your growing requirements, the Agron team of experts will gladly answer your questions and recommend SE reflectors to achieve optimal growth in any setting.

Check Out These Options

We know there are many SE reflectors available, and we’ve already chosen to work with providers with proven track records of producing the industry’s best equipment. That’s why we’re sure our in-house experts can help you find the best option for your growing needs.

We routinely recommend SE reflectors like:

  • Adjust-A-Wings Avenger Reflectors. Being able to adjust reflectors means growers have the ability to create the best lighting throughout a plant’s growth cycles. Adjustable SE reflectors provide increased lighting power and efficiency, which means your operating costs are reduced while, at the same time, the plant yield is increased.  Ask our experts if Adjust-A-Wings Avenger reflectors would match your growing needs.

  • Sun System’s Par Pro® SE Boss™ reflectors with Hyper Arc® lamps. If you’re looking for a high-pressure sodium (HPS) light source, this light and reflector may be the ideal choice, as these lights and reflectors can be used throughout a plant’s life cycle. The light and reflector are also designed to adjust.

  • Yield Master® six-inch and eight-inch air-cooled reflectors. If controlling heat is at the top of your requirement list, ask about these reflectors for your greenhouse operation. The reflector is designed to provide highly effective reflectivity and light diffusion. The unit’s air-cooling flanges are crafted to keep ducting in place at all times. 

If you’re still unsure which type of SE fixture and reflector would provide the best results for your growing operation, take the time now to get in touch with an Agron staff member to get the answers you need.

Staying on Budget

Every grower is, or certainly should be, concerned about overspending. At Agron, we know how difficult it can be to generate a profit, especially when a growing operation is just starting. That’s why we carry a huge selection of lighting fixtures with the reflectors you need to become profitable as quickly as possible. 

Whether you’re a small operator growing herbs in a small space or have a huge greenhouse dedicated to growing flowers for a large city florist, we’ve got the lighting systems you need now. 

If you’re upgrading from an older system that’s just not delivering the results you need, get in touch with the Agron team today to learn more about the options we have available. Remember, your business depends on having the best lighting systems and reflectors available.