Pest & Disease Control

Pest & Disease Control

Agron: Your Source for Plant Insect and Disease Control Solutions

Gardening has been vital to existence since the dawn of civilization. Small-scale farms sufficed to keep families fed during those early days, but at this point, they’re not quite as common or effective as they once were.

With more than 7.5 billion people on the planet and the population continually surging, commercial growers are now the key to the survival of the species. At Agron, we’re dedicated to fostering the efforts of those who’ve taken on the task of feeding the world.

Commercial Farming Challenges

All farmers, regardless of the size of their operations or the crops being produced, are subjected to a wide range of hardships. Choosing the right crops to work with and keeping the soil balanced are only a couple of the challenges they face. Battling seasonal storms, drought and other weather-related problems can’t be ignored, either. 

On top of all that, numerous pests and microorganisms endanger crops across the globe each year. Almost 40 species of insects currently threaten the ecosystem and set out to destroy carefully cultivated crops. Commercial growers are also up against an estimated 50,000 plant-attacking diseases. 

Those insects and pathogens damage plants in numerous ways from targeting their roots to assaulting their fruits before they can be harvested. They greatly reduce yields and nullify endless amounts of time, effort and money invested in the crops they affect. In some cases, those diseases and pests produce toxins that could potentially be harmful to people as well as the plants they infect.

Remedying the Problem

For home-based gardeners, spritzing plants with pepper-infused water and pulling off damaged leaves and stems may be enough to circumvent the typical problems. When it comes to larger operations, though, those methods just aren’t practical or effective. 

Commercial farmers need more in-depth alternatives like those we offer. From natural pest repellants to cutting-edge tools for finding and identifying fungi and other pathogens, we carry a vast array of products designed to keep your crops safe and healthy.

Pest and Disease Control Solutions from Top Names in the Industry

At Agron, we’re well aware of the many difficulties home and commercial gardeners face in every phase of the growing process. We also understand each issue requires a unique approach, and numerous considerations factor into the equation when choosing the best solution. 

Because of this, we offer a long list of options tailored to the full range of pest and disease-related obstacles. These products come from some of the most trusted names in the industry, including Monterey, Grower’s Edge, BioSafe, General Hydroponics, Botanicare and Bonide to name a few.

Agron’s Product Lines

Numerous hazards attack plants at their roots, giving them little chance to grow and thrive. These may include grubs and root maggots and weevils as well as fusarium, sclerotium and powdery mildews to name a few. They seek out and destroy a variety of plants, both vegetable and ornamental. Our highly effective fungicide lineup includes:

  • BioSafe® PVent: Largely comprised of the Gliocladium catenulatum Strain J1446 naturally occurring in certain soil, this product has an innate ability to adapt to a wide range of soil types and temperatures. It helps control fungus growth without negatively affecting the plants it protects.

  • Cease® Microbial Fungicide/Bactericide: Containing a type of helpful bacteria known as bacillus subtilis, this product wards off numerous types of fungi and bacteria both in the soil and on the plants themselves. As such, it provides multiple layers of protection.

  • Actinovate® Lawn and Garden: Using the beneficial bacteria, Streptomyces lydicus WYEC 108 along with other helpful microbes, this fungicide helps protect plants from the roots up. It safeguards against a number of common fungal issues while producing substances known to improve soil nutrient retention and plant growth.

Root health is a key component in thriving crops and optimum yields, but it’s only one factor to consider. Those portions of the plant found above ground are vulnerable to several pathogens and pests in their own rights. We offer many products for promoting healthy stem, leaf, flower and produce growth as well.

  • Flying Skull® Nuke Em: Flying Skull® Plant Products is a leader in organic pest control, and the company’s Nuke Em pesticide offers ample protection against aphids, spider mites, whiteflies and other plant-killing pests. It also helps thwart powdery mildew.

  • Safer® Insect Killing Soap: Mixtures of mild soap and water have long been used by gardeners looking for chemical-free pest control options. Safer® Insect Killing Soap follows the same principles as this tried-and-true home remedy, using potassium salts found in the fatty acids of certain types of soap. This solution weakens harmful insects’ hard outer shells, effectively eliminating them without damaging plants or killing beneficial insects.

  • IPM® GC Mite: Aphids, mites and thrips pose a number of dangers to growing plants, stunting their growth and damaging healthy stems, leaves and fruit. GC Mite is a natural foliar application designed to rid plants of dangerous insects without the use of potentially harmful chemicals.

Fungi and insect invasions produce quite a few warning signs. Plants may wilt despite receiving adequate water, sunlight and nutrition. They often grow smaller or more slowly than normal. Holes, brown spots and other signs of damage can appear on leaves, and stems may split or develop brown or black spots. 

In some cases, though, diseases and infestations aren’t apparent until it’s too late. We offer innovative products designed to help catch problems in their earliest stages. Our illuminated microscopes, phone clips and magnifying lenses allow you to spot tiny insects and other signs of trouble before they have a chance to get out of control.

Bring Your Plant Pest and Disease Control Needs to Us

Agron is committed to providing growers the safest, most effective plant disease and insect control alternatives on the market. From root protection to foliar insect repellants and early detection devices, we’re the go-to source for all your plant care needs. 

You’re helping feed the world and make it a more beautiful place to live. We’re here to help your plants thrive and reach their full potential. Browse our website to view our full inventory of products from top brands in the agricultural and horticultural industries, and feel free to contact us via the form we’ve provided for more information.