Magnetic Ballasts

Magnetic Ballasts for Maximizing Your Indoor Growing Potential

Only a few hundred years ago, tilling soil and planting a garden outside was the only way to grow vegetables, legumes, flowers and other types of plants. Thanks to a great deal of ingenuity and advancements in technology and techniques, though, indoor environments can now be as fruitful as the outside world.

A Brief History of Indoor Growing

During the 1800s, French botanist, Charles Lucien Bonaparte created the first successful greenhouse, and the concept of indoor growing began to take off. Roughly a century later, Dr. William Frederick Gericke introduced the practice of hydroponics. His ideas were initially carried out in direct sunlight, but this technique eventually made its way indoors as well.

Growing Plants Indoors

At Agron, we have everything you need to grow plants indoors. From growing solutions and nutrient meters to grow lights and protective eyewear, we supply the full range of products to ensure your crops thrive. Browse our website to see our full selection of indoor growing and hydroponics supplies from some of the most trusted names in the industry.

As you’re probably well aware, certain conditions are necessary for plants to thrive indoors. Having the right nutrients present in their soil or liquid growing medium is essential. Temperature regulation is also vital. Though plants grown inside may not be quite as vulnerable to insects, certain pest and disease control measures are also required. 

In addition to those elements, successful indoor growing entails having the right type and amount of light. Since this can’t come from the sun as it would with an outdoor garden, it must come from artificial sources. Though individual lamps and various types of bulbs are used for this purpose, they need effective power regulation methods to truly meet plants’ needs. This is where ballasts come into play.

Understanding the Types of Ballasts Available

Ballasts are connected to high-voltage electrical sources and designed to regulate and sustain the amount of voltage being sent to each grow light in the system. Without these devices in place, those lights could draw too much energy and quickly burn out or overheat. This would be detrimental to the lights and other equipment as well as the plants they’re supposed to be nurturing.

Three basic types of ballasts are on the market at present: electronic, digital and magnetic. Each one has its own distinct set of benefits. For some growers, magnetic ballasts offer all the features needed to keep their plants healthy and maximize yields.

Benefits of Magnetic Ballasts for Hydroponics

Numerous advantages can come from using a magnetic ballast as opposed to a digital or electronic model. For one, magnetic alternatives are generally less expensive than their counterparts. This means you can start growing on a smaller budget than other types of ballasts might require. Of course, the benefits branch out from there.

  • Power Supply Flexibility: Some ballasts require specific types of power supplies in order to function properly. If you don’t have the right one in place, you might need to have your entire growing facility retrofitted to accommodate the ballast. This isn’t true with magnetic versions as they can be used with any power supply.

  • Lack of Interference: Electronic ballasts are vulnerable to radio frequency interference. This can disrupt their power output and lead to reduced effectiveness and efficiency. RFI doesn’t affect magnetic ballasts, so their output remains constant.

  • Longevity: Magnetic ballasts typically last a great deal longer than other types, so they don’t need to be replaced as often. They also require less ongoing maintenance. For you, this means lower operating costs down the road.

  • Simplicity: Internal components of magnetic ballasts are a bit less complicated than those of other alternatives. This simpler design generally equates to fewer problems and greatly reduced maintenance needs and expenses from a long-term perspective.

  • Prolonged Bulb Life: Electronic ballasts are notorious for causing bulbs to burn out unexpectedly. In some cases, bulbs simply stop working without any apparent reason. This isn’t usually a problem with magnetic models.

Some insist magnetic ballasts offer lower levels of power output than electronic ones. This may seem like a negative point, but that’s not necessarily the case. In certain situations, such as growing young, tender seedlings and plants requiring less heat and light, higher output isn’t needed and could actually harm the plants.

Magnetic Ballasts from Agron

We bring you a variety of magnetic ballasts from well-known manufacturers like Sun System®. An array of models is available, each one with its own set of features. All are built with durability and efficiency in mind and designed to operate without generating unnecessary excess heat.

  • Sun System® Hard Core® Ballasts: These magnetic ballasts are compatible with various reflectors created by Sun System® as well as other manufacturers. They can quickly and easily be adapted to 120 or 240-volt power supplies and feature removable handles for added mobility. Different wattages are available to meet the full range power regulation needs.

  • Hydrofarm® SGO100DE Ballast: Yet another top name in hydroponics equipment, Hydrofarm® develops and manufactures a long list of trusted products. The company’s SGO100DE Magnetic Ballast effectively and efficiently powers any type of 1,000-watt double-ended lamp. Its compact design takes up minimal space without sacrificing power output, and additional features help create heightened safety and longevity.

Check out our complete lineup up magnetic ballasts from various manufacturers. We offer models in numerous styles, output levels and price ranges as well as packages including ballasts, reflectors and bulbs. Also take a look at our lineup of refurbished commercial ballasts.

Come to Agron for Your Indoor Growing and Hydroponics Needs

Hydroponics offers a wide range of advantages. Those using this technique are able to grow almost anywhere all year long. Plants and crops cultivated via hydroponics use 20 percent less space and 20 times less water than traditional methods. In a world where viable farmland and fresh water are becoming increasingly scarce, this technique may very well be the key to humanity’s survival.

At Agron, we’re committed to helping indoor growers make the most of their time, effort and space. Our hydroponics products and equipment are designed to provide maximum effectiveness and efficiency while suiting the full range of potential needs. Browse our selection of magnetic ballasts and other options to find out what we have to offer, and feel free to call or contact us using the form we’ve provided to learn more.