Light Movers Hangers

Light Movers Hangers

Light Movers Hangers

Fast FitĀ® Components

Fast FitĀ® Components

Vendor: Hawthorne

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#1) Fast FitĀ® Components: Caster wheels: 4 pc (#706133 - can support up to 240 lbs) or 6 pc (#706134 - can support up to 360 lbs). #2) Light Stand ...

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Fast FitĀ® Components

Fast FitĀ® Components

Vendor: Hawthorne

SKU: HGC706151


#1) Fast FitĀ® Components: Caster wheels: 4 pc (#706133 - can support up to 240 lbs) or 6 pc (#706134 - can support up to 360 lbs). #2) Light Stand ...

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Help Your Plants Grow and Thrive with Light Hangers and Movers

Hydroponic systems consist of numerous components designed to work together to produce an abundant harvest. Men and women may choose to go with a basic system when first starting out to see if this type of gardening is appropriate for their needs. Over time, however, they choose to expand their system to produce a larger crop.Ā 

As a result, additional components will need to be purchased. One item many individuals choose to invest in is a light mover. What is the benefit of incorporating light movers into the system, and what manufacturers offer products designed for this purpose? By answering these questions, a grower can determine if this is a purchase they need to make.Ā 

Light Movers

In a conventional garden, the sun provides the light needed for plants to thrive. Unfortunately, the sun does not reach far enough into most residences to provide this same illumination. This leads to the need for indoor grow lights for hydroponic systems. Although they arenā€™t ideal when it comes to providing a substitution for the sun, they are the best option at this time.Ā 

Grow lights donā€™t provide the same intensity as the sun. Additionally, they only cover a small area, and the further the bulb is placed from the plant, the lesser the intensity. As a result, bulbs must be placed in close proximity to each individual plant to obtain the highest yield. However, there are problems that may arise when the light is positioned too close to the plant.Ā 

When the light is put very close to a plant, the coverage area is significantly decreased. Furthermore, the plant may sustain damage due to the heat produced by the lamp. In addition, the plant that is directly under the light will show better growth than plants that only receive partial light. This brings about a pyramid effect.Ā 

Fortunately, light movers can solve these problems without the need for moving each plant. Moving the various plants can be a time-consuming task, as one must remember which plants have spent time directly under the light and which ones need more exposure.Ā 

Growers find they have two types of light movers to select from. Linear movers go in a straight line back and forth and have a built-in pause at each end of the line. This helps to prevent the pyramid effect. Growers who have a rectangular garden setup often choose this type of light mover.Ā 

In contrast, circular light movers tend to consist of two or three lights that move in a circular pattern. Growers with a round or square garden often opt for this type of light mover.

Regardless of which type is chosen, the lights can be moved closer to the crops without fear of damaging the plants. In addition, light coverage increases by up to 35 percent when the mover is used. The light is better distributed, and plants receive the light from multiple angles as opposed to one.Ā 

Individuals often assume light movers are only needed for large hydroponic systems. However, the benefits mentioned above can be achieved even when one has only a small system at this time. The plants will be healthier and the yield will increase irrespective of the size of the garden when the movers are installed.Ā 

While there is a cost associated with installing light movers in a garden, growers need to consider the benefits. When a stationary grow lamp is used, up to 50 percent of the light is wasted. The lamp simply cannot get close enough to the plant without hot spots or too much light concentrated in one area.Ā 

Furthermore, stationary devices are not able to diversify enough to ensure that each plant gets the appropriate amount of light. This is not the case with light movers. They are very efficient and provide plants with the light they need to thrive.Ā 


Gualala Robotics Inc. launched in Gualala, California in 1986 before relocating to Steamboat Springs, Colorado seven years later. Today, this company stands as the leading maker of indoor grow lights across the globe. When the company first launched, its primary products were the LightRail 2 and LightRail 3 systems. Today, the company has expanded to offer growers more options while still continuing to make all items here in America.Ā 

Sun Hoist

Sun Hoist light movers are the desired product of many growers. The height of the hanger can easily be changed without entering the growing area. All it requires is a smartphone and the accompanying app. As a result, growers can alter the lightā€™s location even when they are away from the growing area, of great help when it comes to ensuring the health of the plants.Ā 

Sky Hook/Level Lift

Sky Hook/Level Lift offers products that allow the grower to raise and lower reflectors and/or light fixtures from one location. Mounting points and a pulley system are used to secure the devices and ensure they remain level. Simply adjust the lifting cords to raise or lower the hood and reflector. Itā€™s that easy.Ā 

Sun Grip

Sun Grip light hangers allow for light adjustments with the push of a button. The patented system features a lock and will never slip break or rust, thanks to the composite material construction. Furthermore, the devices are heat and cold-resistant. The hangers are appropriate for use with carbon filters, light fixtures, reflectors, and ventilation equipment. They can hold up to 150 pounds per pair, making them ideal for larger equipment.Ā 

Super Sprouter

Super Sprouter offers products that provide the best start for seeds and cuttings. From propagation kits to lighting devices and accessories, growers find all they need in one location. Plug trays, domes, and other products are also offered by this manufacturer.Ā 

Light is essential to proper plant growth. Make it easy to adjust the lighting on plants with the help of hangers and movers. With so many to choose from, one is sure to be right for you. If help is needed in choosing the appropriate products, donā€™t hesitate to ask. We are here to help you find all you need to allow your plants to grow and thrive.