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from $2,106.00

SPYDRx PLUS is designed for full-cycle commercial plant cultivation with the power to scale from vegetative growth to bloom. For optimal results, ...

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Fluence RAY44

Fluence RAY44

SKU: Ray 44


At 44″ long, our mid-length RAY44 offers six spectral choices and is perfect for side canopy lighting over a 4-foot area.

Fluence RAZRx

Fluence RAZRx


from $487.80

From seedling and cutting propagation to full-cycle microgreen and leafy green cultivation, RAZRx can do it all while using less. Less energy. ...

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Fluence RAY44 + UV

Fluence RAY44 + UV

SKU: Ray 44 + UV


At 44″ long, our mid-length RAY44 offers six spectral choices and is perfect for side canopy lighting over a 4-foot area.

Fluence RAZR4 Array

Fluence RAZR4 Array

SKU: RAZR4 ‐ 5 Module Array


Delivers an average of 310-375* µmol/m2/s over 2’x4’ areas in carts, shelves, pallet racks and rolling tables while requiring only 5” of clearance ...

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Fluence RAZR3 Array

Fluence RAZR3 Array

SKU: RAZR3 ‐ 7 Module Array


With an average PPFD hitting 215-260* µmol/m2/s over a 2’x4’ area, RAZR3 is designed for deployment in carts, shelves, pallet racks and rolling tab...

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Fluence RAZR2 Array

Fluence RAZR2 Array

SKU: RAZR2 ‐ 10 Module Array


Optimized to provide an average of 125-160* µmol/m2/s over a 2’x4’ area in carts, shelves, pallet racks and rolling tables with at least 12” of cle...

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Cultivating indoors in either a hydroponic or a soil-based container setup allows growers to produce crops year-round. Regardless of the season, lighting is essential. The natural light produced by the sun provides a perfect mix of UV rays, especially close to the equator. Growers need to mimic those lighting conditions if they want to grow healthy, high-yielding plants. Fluence provides all the products they need to do just that.

The SPYDR Series

The SPYDER series provides a flexible rack lighting solution for single-tier and multi-tier growers. Lights in this series provide precise and uniform lighting for just about any vertical rack or grow table. They offer two PPF output levels and feature built-in dimmers, giving growers the edge they need when it comes to efficiency and light quality for plants in veg or flower. The SPYDER 2 series also comes with a detachable power supply, making it easier to conserve space in the grow room.


This full-cycle top-lighting solution is perfect for commercial grows, especially those that use CO2 supplementation. Its high PPFD levels, averaging 1550 mmol/s, offer a perfect complement to 800-1400 ppm CO2 supplemented grows. SPYDER 2p lights are also conveniently sized for commercial grows at 47” in length.


SPYDER 2x comes in 47” and 40” lengths and delivers 860 mmol/s PPF. It’s perfect for hobby and commercial growers that do not use CO2 supplementation and is designed to cover 4’x4’ canopies at a height of just six inches, making it very space-efficient.


The SPYDER 2i is a fully developed, high-performance, full-cycle lighting solution. It’s perfect for commercial growers with high-PPFD cultivation practices and high levels of CO2 supplementation. The SPYDER 2i comes in 47”, 40”, and 33” lengths and puts out 1,700 mmol/s PPF.


SPYDRx lighting is designed for home growers and commercial growers that do not supplement CO2. It delivers 550 mmol/s of uniform light and is designed for full-cycle use.


This product was designed for commercial growers, delivering a uniform 1030 mmol/s to provide plenty of light for plants in veg or bloom being supplemented with 800 to 1400 ppm CO2.

VYPR Series

VYPR Series lights are perfect for both greenhouses and high-bay indoor grow rooms. They’re powerful, efficient, and shadow-free, making them ideal for supplementing natural lighting. At just 2.9” wide, these LEDs are slimmer than most lights, but they still offer a full spectrum of LED light perfect for year-round growing.


The VYPR 2p is perfect for both greenhouse supplemental lighting and sole-source lighting for indoor grows. It offers a 45% PPF increase over first-generation VYPR products and an 18% increase in energy efficiency. Weighing in at just 9.25 pounds each, VYPR 2p lights offer multiple mounting solutions for increased versatility and are designed to be placed around 18” above the plant canopy, further reducing shadows for greenhouse growers. VYPR 2p lights produce a light output of 1,700 mmol/s, so they can also be used alongside CO2 supplementation.


The VYPR2x is smaller than the 2p at just 24.1” in length and 4.94 pounds. It’s perfect for greenhouse growers looking to extend their photoperiods and can be used in both hobby and commercial grows. The 2x outputs only 900 mmol/s PPF, so it can be used with light to no CO2 supplementation.

RAY Series

This resourceful lighting solution comes in three sizes and offers growers six spectrum options. These lights are perfect as supplements to SPYDR or VYPR lighting, but they can also be used as sole lighting sources. RAY series lights are lightweight and versatile, with slim profiles of just 2.2”. They also come with dimmers for increased PPFD control and all three lengths are available with an optional UV+ feature.

RAY 22

RAY 22 lights are perfectly suited for vertical growing and side-canopy or intra-canopy use. They are 22” long and weigh just 1lb 4oz.

RAY 44

RAY 44 lights are twice as long as the RAY 22, but they feature the same slim profile and weigh just 2lb 3oz each. Like other RAY series models, they offer six spectral choices and are ideal for supplementing side canopy lighting.

RAY 66

The RAY 66 is the largest in its series, making it more versatile than its smaller counterparts. It weighs in at 3lb 2oz and 66” in length and can also be used for top lighting.

RAZR Series

RAZR Series lights are well-known and well-loved among vertical growers. Their modular design makes them uniquely scalable, so RAZR lights are perfect for vertical grows of any size. Vertical setups allow commercial growers to make the most of every available square foot, helping them increase yields while saving on operational costs.


RAZRx lights feature cantilevered mounting and a modular form, which makes them perfect for Danish trolley systems and other 53” mobile racks. They’re best used for propagation, but they can also be used for full-cycle production.


The RAZR2 system is optimized for seedlings and clone propagation on racks, shelves, carts, and rolling tables. Each array comes with 10 lighting fixtures to cover a total of 80 square feet of canopy. Place these lights at least one foot above the canopy to avoid burning.


RAZR3 can be used for both propagation and full-cycle crop production. Each array comes with seven fixtures to provide 56 square feet of canopy coverage. Leave at least eight inches of clearance.


RAZR4 light arrays come with five fixtures to cover 40 square feet of canopy. Unlike the RAZR2, 3, and x arrays, they require only five inches of clearance. RAZR4 fixtures produce the best light uniformity in the series.

The Bottom Line

Every grower’s needs are a little different, so it’s important to keep the unique grow environment in mind when choosing lights. Greenhouse growers who want to extend their seasons are best off purchasing VYPR series lights. Those who supplement CO2 should choose the SPYDR series. For seedling and clone propagation, the RAZR series can’t be beaten, and RAY lighting provides a perfect solution for vertical growers. No matter which series they choose, growers who purchase Fluence lights can expect energy efficiency and high-quality, warrantied components, so there is no bad choice.

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