Fans / Temperature / Humidity / CO2 Controllers

Fans / Temperature / Humidity / CO2 Controllers



Vendor: Trolmaster



Legacy CO2 Generator, 8 burners - Gas-burning CO2 generators are the MOST economical method to produce supplemental CO2. TrolMaster offers several ...

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Legacy 4G Data Station

Legacy 4G Data Station

Vendor: Trolmaster



Legacy 4G Data Station (cellular SIM card station to connect devices to the internet, AT&T SIM only) - If your facility does not have ANY inter...

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Thermostat Station (TS-2)

Thermostat Station (TS-2)

Vendor: Trolmaster



Hydro-X Thermostat Station 2 (heatpump and conventional HVAC) - The TS-2 thermostat stations is designed to replace a thermostat connected to a sta...

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Agron Has a Range of Environmental Products for Growers

Indoor growers face many advantages and disadvantages to growing their plants inside. One of the biggest advantages of indoor growing is being able to control the growing environment, right down to the most minuscule of details. From humidity to temperature, there are many products available to help indoor horticulturists properly maintain the environment their plants are growing in so the harvest will produce a high and healthy yield.

Why Is Environmental Control So Important?

When horticulturists grow their plants outside, they are at the whim of nature. Although they can supplement with watering when rains do not come, they have little control over temperature, humidity, and the gases that are being exchanged. All of these can have a significant impact on plant growth. 

Thankfully, indoor growers have access to all types of equipment that can help them protect their plant’s environment based on the needs of the plant and the type of growth they want to see. Being able to manipulate the environment produces faster growth rates, along with healthier growth.

What Equipment Is Available for Environmental Control?

Agron is committed to providing a wide range of products for indoor growers. There are some essential pieces of environmental control equipment growers rely on to keep their plants growing healthy and strong. The following offers insight into some of this equipment so indoor growers will be armed with the information they need for making the right purchases.

CO2 Control

Plants breathe in an opposite way to humans. Humans breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide, while plants breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. Carbon dioxide is essential to plants of all types. CO2 helps plants to use energy from light sources so they can grow healthy and strong.

Without the right level of CO2 in a growing room or greenhouse, plants will not thrive. Thankfully, there are CO2 monitors that allow growers to instantly know the carbon dioxide saturation in their growing room so changes can be made if needed.

Humidity Control

Just like humans, plants breathe. The pores a plant breathes through can cause massive moisture loss if the air inside the growing room is not humid enough. As most people know, moisture is essential for plant growth. Without the right level of moisture, plants will not be able to intake the vital nutrients they need for healthy growth and development.

With the right control set up, indoor growers will be able to ensure their growing rooms are at the ideal level of humidity. These digital controls can be hooked up to humidifying and dehumidifying equipment. This allows the process to be automated so growers can always rest assured their plants have the right level of moisture they need.

Temperature Control

Temperature is vital for healthy plant growth. When the temperature is not where it should be, plant growth will be inhibited, and this will directly affect the final yield. Plant temperature and air temperature are not equal. It takes a concerted effort to make sure a growing room always has the proper temperature range.

When a digital temperature control is hooked up to a fan system, horticulturists are able to precisely control their growing room temperature to accommodate the needs of the plants they are growing at each stage of growth.

Light Control

Light control is another essential for healthy plant growth. Indoor plants need energy to grow. Artificial light mimics the same color spectrum of the sun, allowing plants to absorb the energy they need for strong and healthy growth. To precisely mimic the sun’s light, growers use light controls that are programmable and allow for the perfect level of light at each part of the day. 

These controllers can run multiple lights. When horticulturists use these controllers, the process of controlling the light reaching their plants becomes automated. Light control automation means less work for growers.

Agron Carries the Best Environmental Control Brands

We are committed to helping growers have easy access to the best brands in horticultural supplies. We carry the most respected brands in the industry, and you can easily search by brand or type of equipment when viewing our expansive catalog of products. The following are some of the environmental control product brands we feature in our catalog.


Titan is a name many indoor growers rely on and for good reason. They are a company that produces a wide array of controls, including those for temperature, CO2, and lighting. Agron is proud to carry Titan products because they are reliable and easy to use.


TrolMaster is well-known for its environmental controls because they offer all-in-one systems that control humidity, light, and temperature. These controllers make it easier for indoor growers to keep a consistent environment for healthy plant growth.


Grozone offers a line of environmental controls that help growers to keep their indoor growing environment as close to perfect as possible. They offer CO2 controls and controls that monitor and control temperature, light, and humidity all at once. Their digital cyclestat allows growers to mimic the light changes of the sun as the day progresses.


Gavita is a company that produces some of the best grow lights in the industry. They have developed a series of light controllers that allow growers to mimic day and nighttime light to precise measures. Gavita also offers fan controllers that help to keep the temperature of the growing room at the level of it should be in all stages of plant growth.

We are Here to Help

If you have any questions about environmental controls or need help with your order, please feel free to reach out to us. Agron’s sales technicians are experts in growing equipment. Feel free to browse our extensive catalog to find the products you need.

Being able to control the environment in your growing room will help to ensure healthy plant growth and higher yields at harvest. Choose the right products today and see a difference in the way your plants start to grow.