ILUMINAR HASH Relay Power Cord

  • Wirelessly turn a device on and off with a ILUMINAR HASH controller.
  • Using the ILUMINAR mobile app or online dashboard, you can create rule triggers, schedules, timers, remote control, and access data analytics.

Metal structures block wireless RF communication signals. If using the power link cable inside a metal structure, make sure the ILUMINAR controller is also inside the same metal structure. The RF range can reach up to 1100 meters if a direct line of sight between the power link cable and the ILUMINAR controller is established. In a dense industrial/greenhouse environment full of equipment, shelving, plants, etc. with no line of sight, the RF range is typically closer to 50 to 100 meters.

Make sure to consider the maximum current draw of the device that is plugged into the power link cable. Devices such as compressors, motors, solenoids, transformers, contactor coils, etc. are examples of inductive loads. When an inductive load is turned on, it will have a short in duration, but significantly high current draw spike. These spikes can draw 4 times as much current, and in some cases over 10 times as much current. If this high current draw spike exceeds the 10 amp rating, the power link cable can be damaged. Devices such as incandescent lamps, electric heaters, hot plates, etc. are examples of resistive loads and typically have no current spike when switched on.



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